Ouidah January 23th - February 5th

Organized by : The Axis Syllabus International Research Community
in collaboration with l'Association Sonagnon (Benin)
Artistic and Pedagogic direction: Francesca Pedullà
Direction Assistants : Eric Acakpo et Sara Parisi
Coordination : Frey Faust, Baris Mihci, Babara Kpomalegni, Emmanuelle Affergan.

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Started in 2012 TRACES is a annual professional educational platform for dance and choreographic practice based in Cotonou, Benin. TRACES focuses on the study of the Axis Syllabus and complementary subjects (music for dancers, dance-video, dance history, professional ethic).The intention is to furnish knowledge, skills and experience, adapting our strategies to the social - political context of Benin and simultaneous create a context of exchange in which participants can find and structure a language from their own experience. Our foundational focus are: to provide tools, to structure and stimulate individual creativity, to experiment with cross-disciplinary media and communication, probe the interaction and impact that different art-forms and cultures can have on each other

TRACES 2018 – Axis Syllabus – Benin
This edition aims to create an even stronger exchange platform for the Axis Syllabus International Research
Community (ASIRC) and the traditional and contemporary dances of Benin.


As in 2017, the 2018 edition will host this session in the historic city of Ouidah, one of the major centers of the african slave trade, important intersection of the Portuguese and west african cultures, and the cradle of the Vodoun culture.
The respectful treatment and cultivation of the human body regardless of nation, ethnicity, creed and class is a fundamental ethical aspect of ASIRC intensions. By providing this precious exchange context where the knowledge contained in the AS can be transmitted in a concentrated dose and the cultural treasures of Benin can be accessed by other ASIRC members, Traces 2018 will be a direct application of the mission of the ASIRC.