HIKIKOMORI / contr-addiction
HIKIKOMORI / contr-addiction

HIKIKOMORI / contr-addiction

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(Work in progress)

Concept: Sara Parisi e Nuvola Vandini

with the support of the ASIRC /


The inquiry field is about addiction and the relationship of the body with the overcharge of informations. Hikikomori is the name of one of the many addictions of our contemporary society: the addiction of to much informations with the pathological consequence of self isolation and confinement.

Inspired by a scientist, Bruce Alexander, that in the 70' create the RAT PARK as a contest to experiment drugs addiction on rats: not a simple cage but a confined space rich of different informations, activities, food, drugs and a social contest for interaction.

In 2016 Sara and Nuvola conceived the HUMAN PARK, a performative experiment to test informations addiction on humans, with the aim to show how scientific strategies are questionable and how humans are squized in cages maded by symbols and stereotypes created by the ones who have the power to manipulate informations. A cage, in a cage, in a cage...

Video of the result of the first week of creative reserch:

Quadro II: " Cross Cultural Parc "

Video installazione.

This Creative project was born during the International Nomadic College Festival Italia 2016 organized by the ASIRC (Axis Syllabus International Comunity) during a choreographic laboratory leaded by Francesca Pedullà, Baris Michi and Frey Faust. (

The Italian Association Synergika.asd support the financial aspect and give support to rehersal space. (



MADE IN AFRICA ( more or less..)

Performance for two dancers and one camera

Concept: Sara Parisi, Francesca Pedullà, Antoine Renouard

Dance: Sara Parisi, Francesca Pedullà

Camera: Antoine Renouard

With the support of: Association Sonagnon (Cotonou),

Spazio Saravà (Genova), Centre Choréographique Multicorps (Cotonou).

Video demo :

The performance is an uncommon hybrid between “cinema live” and performance, in which the choreography is structured around functional rather than aesthetic physical attitudes and gestures, revealing a body shaped by and reflecting on its environmental, cultural and social conditioning.

Live filmed sequences fragment reality, highlight the uselessness of a single point of view, augment and complete the expressiveness of the performing bodies that become landscape in the service of the camera.


« Je ne sais plus qui a fait quoi » video danse


Conçu et réalisé par le Collectif qui n’a pas encore trouvé son nom


RÉALISATION / MONTAGE : Antoine Renouard

PRODUCTEUR : Sonagnon (Bénin) Artechanges (Bénin / France) Creations Entrelacées (France)

CHORÉGRAPHIE : Francesca Pedullà - Marguerite Salvy - Sara Parisi

INTERPRÈTES: Michel Adjissé - Richard Adossou - Rachelle Agbossou - Frey Faust - Guillaume Niedjo - Clement Kakpo - Marguerite Salvy - Francesca Pedullà - Sara Parisi

ÉQUIPE TECHNIQUE : Julien Bonelli - Attikpo Delama - Adrien Michel - Antoine Renouard - Ian Wilson


Des femmes et des hommes

Des destins, réunis pour avancer.

A chacun sa différence, à chacun sa vérité.

La vérité du plus fort est toujours la meilleure.


L'idée de ce projet initié au Bénin, est le besoin explosif d'exprimer nos sentiments et impressions. Le propos du film réside dans l'absurdité et la nécessité d'atteindre l'unité pour le genre humain, ainsi que dans la quasi-impossible, urgente mais toujours terrible tâche d'essayer de se comprendre les uns les autres. Le message sous-jacent est un appel à aller voir au delà de l'illusion des relations humaines dans lesquelles la vérité et le pouvoir sont trop souvent définis selon un seul point de vue.

Le film a été invité/ projecté :

-ScreenDance Africa Mini Festival (Afrique du Sud) -OK Dance Films Festival (USA, Okhlaoma)  -42nd Dance on Camera Festival (USA, New Jersey)

-En Route Dance Films Festival

DU MYTHE DU DIEU ARGENT  Dance - Theater and Live Music

"A civilization begins in myth and ends in doubt." E. M. Cioran 

Directed by: Francesca Pedulla and Davide Francesca

Original Music: Eric Acakpo, Anicet Aymonde Gildas, Lorenzo Gasperoni

Choreography: Francesca Pedulla and Group Work
Cast: Richard Adossou, Kelly Keenan,  Roberta Messa, Papis N'Doye,

Sara Parisi,  Francesca Pedulla, Medard Sossa, Sara Tassara
  Musicians: Eric Acakpo, Anicet Gildas Aymonde, Aliou Guessere
  Lighting Design: Luciano Novelli   ;  Video: Antoine Renouard

 Costumes: Davide Francesca  ;   Sculpure: Davide dall'Osso 

This work recounts one of the possible versions of the story of the God Money. Sent to Earth to facilitate exchanges among human beings, Money takes pleasure in playing with their weaknesses and, taking control of their will, he will become increasingly more powerful...

Using an ironic and symbolic language, this story leads us into an imaginary but familiar universe. The piece makes use of the allegorical power of myth to celebrate humanity, without illusions, without shame, recognizing that human been can be as brilliant and sensitive as mean and vulgar.

Du Mythe du Dieu Argent
Du Mythe du Dieu Argent

Du Mythe du Dieu Argent

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